How often is it possible to truly love in our lives?Love is a complex issue that is present in our lives in different ways and leads to hundreds of doubts and questions. There are several theories involving soul mates and people who know each other and always end up joining. There is even a theory that throughout our lives we have about three loves. Each one happening at a certain time and playing a very important role in our life. Then know a little more about this theory. We have 3 loves throughout our lives. According to this theory, our first love usually happens in adolescence, between the ages of 15 and 19. It is an idealized love,....View More
See How Mood Can Affect Your HealthFood is very important and must contain several nutrients so that our body and organism continue to function properly, thus avoiding diseases and various problems. In this way, it is essential to have a healthy diet, rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids, because these nutrients are able to act in various areas and organs of our body, delivering unimaginable benefits.Did you know that good nutrition can even interfere with your mood? And that your mood can also interfere with your health? Learn more about this below!What Mood Mood Can Do to Your HealthBad mood is usually ac....View More
The search for happiness.Happiness is sought by most people and not everyone realizes that it can be found in the smallest things of our daily lives. Of course there are things that make you happier but that do not have the same effect on someone else. The ideal is that you find in the minimum tasks the achievements that can make you happier day by day.For this, we separate below a list with several things that can help you in the search of happiness.The goal is for you to test these tasks and actions, thus finding what works best for you.Be more optimistic without losing realismYou have to be optimistic even in the m....View More
The Amazing Benefits of Black PepperBlack pepper is a food that can be very beneficial to health if you know how to use it. The dried and ground grains of this pepper are used with great frequency in the cooking of several countries. Black pepper can be used in different ways, but mainly as a seasoning of your food, and frequent consumption can bring many benefits to your health.Next, know the incredible benefits of black pepper, as well as other details about this food.Advantages of using black pepperThe black pepper is a food with antioxidant action, antimicrobial, besides being a modulator of the gastric apparatus. In additio....View More
Why does your face age faster?Have you noticed that the skin on the face tends to age faster than the skin on the rest of the body? This happens with the vast majority of people, because the skin of the face is the one that is most exposed to ultraviolet rays and suffers from the solar reactions, generating skin aging. In addition, the skin on our face is more sensitive and thinner than the rest of our body. All this contributes to the facial skin aging faster, but it is possible to delay this aging. See what causes aging of the skin. There are several causes for skin aging, some internal and some external. External c....View More
Treatments for Flaccidity of the Chest and NeckIt is common to see many dermatological treatments for the face that aims to avoid the sagging and aging of this region. Many people forget that other parts of the body, such as the neck and neck, also age and can deliver on their age. In addition, not treating these regions causes a great contrast with the rejuvenated face.So in addition to investing in face treatments, you should also look for some for the neck and lap. See below some treatments indicated to avoid and combat sagging in these regions.Cervical LiftingThe cervical lift is a kind of surgery that happens along with the facelift a....View More
Cryogenic PeelingThere are several dermatological treatments that promise to mitigate expression marks and leave your skin younger, softer and rejuvenated. One of the new techniques that are emerging among the clinics is the cryogenic peeling. This peeling has as main function fill the wrinkles of your face through the cold, that is, freezing them, as well as the aging of your skin. This treatment has the benefit of extending cellular longevity, preventing aging and at the same time allowing it to happen in a healthy way. Your skin will look younger, healthier and moisturized. See more procedure! How Cryog....View More
How to treat skin agingThe skin on the face is the one that suffers the most from aging, because it is exposed to climatic variations and everything that happens in everyday life. Pollution and external factors also contribute to skin burnout and aging. But to learn more about it keep reading the article!Beauty conceptThe concept of beauty most sought after by women these days is, having a youthful skin without blemishes or wrinkles. Over time the skin undergoes modifications that gradually transform its appearance which characterizes skin aging. What makes the skin look older over time are the internal and external....View More
Excess Acid Can Aging SkinYou who are adept at using acids on the skin to remove dead cells, must be very careful, as the excess acid used can age the skin. Acids are very common in dermatological treatments, mainly to soften the spots, for flaccidity and decrease wrinkles. But acids can have opposite effects if they are used in excess. Want to know more? Keep reading the article!Why can too much acid age the skin?According to studies published in the British Journal of Dermatology, when acids are used in abusive amounts they can cause skin abrasion, such as redness, sores and burning. This causes the production of col....View More
Thermal Water - What is it and what is it for?Youve probably heard of Thermal Water, right? If you have not heard yet, see here its importance and what it serves. And how you can use it in your day to day.What is Thermal Water?The Thermal Water is a water that contains more minerals than the common water, it comes from France, more precisely from the hot springs. In addition to obtaining a significant amount of mineral salts, it also presents neutral and alkaline pH. The difference of the Thermal Water for which we drink is that it is less alkaline, that is, the water that we use for consumption is more acidic. It is a water that improves....View More
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